Denis Blanchard
My Humble Abode

Denis Blanchard is a gifted young Canadian song writer, instrumentalist, vocalist and arranger. He combines his native talent with instruments and technology to create an indie rock sound that is both original and irresistible.

You will be glad you took the time to listen to some of Denis Blanchard's tracks. You may even join his many followers who found something truly original in his brand of indie music.

To hear the full tracks, please click on the links below. And feel free to send us an email with your questions and comments!

Production Notes: Most of the tracks you are listening to were not made with the benefit of modern studio technology. Like a true indie, Denis Blanchard uses his own acoustic and electric instruments combined with a laptop computer in his own humble surroundings. Hence, the working name of the album. Few Indie solo recordings are this good on their first shot. Enjoy!

Sliding Doors       Orca Cover
Chant       Ambience
Crazy Man       Fog Cover
The 101       November
Snow Capped Mountains       Jig
Not yet Named       Another one
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Denis Blanchard in traditional Acadian Folk Costume
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